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EPC Contractor for an H2 Power Plant at the Boxberg Site

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In the course of the energy turnaround in Germany (Climate Protection Act, Renewable Energy Act, end of coal-fired power generation, sharp rise in electricity demand, massive expansion of renewable energies and ramp-up of the hydrogen economy), LEAG intends to develop the Boxberg power plant site into a sustainable, green energy site - the H2UB Boxberg.
The H2UB Boxberg consists of a large battery storage facility and an H2 power plant that converts the surpluses of fluctuating renewable energies into hydrogen, stores the hydrogen, markets the hydrogen or converts it to electricity when needed in a secured manner. Batteries and H2 power plant are connected to the 380KV grid via a gas-insulated switchgear (GIS).

The preliminary design of the modular expandable H2 power plant is:
- H2 generation with approx. 110 MWe by means of PEM electrolysis,
- H2 storage of 2000 MWh and 60t H2 in a tubular storage tank
- PEM fuel cell with a capacity of 10 MWe.

The plant is located in the immediate vicinity of the Nochten and Reichwalde opencast mines, where LEAG is installing renewable energy with a capacity of around 900 MW.
The GIS is scheduled to be operational from September 2026, the battery storage in 2026 and 2027. The H2 power plant is to be operated for 20 years from 01.01.2029.

For the H2 power plant, LEAG is looking for an EPC contractor to take over the engineering, manufacturing, construction, assembly, commissioning, approval and documentation of the project. The EPC contract will be put out to tender in May 2024 and awarded in July 2025.

We invite interested companies to inform our purchasing department about their interest in the project and about their company and to name a contact person.

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