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Construction of a 500 MW lithium-ion battery storage system at the Boxberg power plant site

ID: / 29738

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Construction and maintenance (option) of a turnkey battery storage system with a nominal power of at least 500 MW (500 MVA) and a storage ratio > 1 at the Boxberg power plant.

Essential components of the scope of supply and services are:
- modular battery storage system: battery containers with lithium-ion batteries, battery monitoring and charging management,
- converter containers with converters and converter transformers,
- air conditioning / ventilation, fire protection, lightning protection, earthing system,
- internal road construction and landscaping work, fencing, lighting and video surveillance,
- low and medium voltage switchgear,
- auxiliary transformers (MV) and block transformers (HV),
- connection to a 380 kV switchgear (GIS) of the Boxberg power plant,
- storage-internal protection and I&C system incl. energy management (plant controller),
- integration into the GIS protection and main control system of the Boxberg power plant,
- combined load management with battery storage / Boxberg power plant guided by power plant dispatch system.

Planned completion of the contract: January 2024
Planned execution time: July 2024 to December 2026

commercial contact: Andreas Voigt, Tel. 0355 2887 3626, andreas.voigt@leag.de
technical contact: Gunnar Löhning, Tel. 0355 2887 3766, gunnar.loehning@leag.de

If you are interested in the aforementioned scope of services, please send us an email stating the company and the contact person to: andreas.voigt@leag.de

You will then be given access to the application platform on which a Request for Information (RFI) is stored and must be filled out.

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Jméno: Andreas Voigt
Telefon: +4935528873626