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electrical equipment for the activated carbon plants in the power plants Boxberg and Schwarze Pumpe

ID: / 24153

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Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG intends to install an activated carbon measuring system for mercury reduction before the electrostatic precipitator at the power plants Boxberg (units Q & R) and Schwarze Pumpe (units A & B). For that, the electrical system has to be supplied, assembled and commissioned.
The scope of supply and services consists of:
Delivery, installation and commissioning of a 690V low-voltage switchgear including switchgear container and installation package per unit.
The installation package includes lighting (object and outdoor lighting, emergency lighting), wiring of power, control and information cables, including connection and function tests, as well as aligning and route planning.
Planned conclusion of contract: april 2020
Delivery and installation: sep - dec 2020 (KSP) & nov - april 2021 (Box)
Commissioning: january - march 2021 (KSP) & april - june 2021 (Box)
Acceptance: april 2021 (KSP) & july 2021 (Box)

Kontaktní osoba:
Jméno: Gerlinde Raschick
Telefon: +49 355 2887 3017