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Erection of an entire power supply STWR 021

ID: / 24346

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Erection of a power supply for the new coal loading (KV 116 and optional KV 117) and the necessary track infrastructure of the new STWR 021

Erection of the power supply STWR 021
Erection of power supply, driving support station, sand filling station
Erection of track lighting (loading tracks, sidings)
Erection of general lighting
Erection of railway switch heatings and power supply for railway switches
Erection of OSE systems for remote-controlled mast switches

The construction period is planned from 2021 to 2022 (optional 2023). Commissioning takes place according to current planning status in 2 stages (KV 116: Q III 2022 / Option KV 117: Q III 2023).

tender planned: March 2020

awarding scheduled: February 2021

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