Rail transport

EP Cargo

is a rail transporter which is providing efficient shipping services to a wide range of customers. EP Cargo company was licensed as a rail carrier in 2010 and was granted the carrier’s safety certificate parts A and B in the same year. The company´s objective is to offer cooperation in meeting the transportation needs of wide range of customers, including freight forwarders, carriers, manufacturing plants, as well as other companies. In 2019, the company transported more than 5 million tons of load.

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EP Cargo Deutschland

is a company responsible for forwarding services within the framework of rail transports in Germany and also other EU countries. It specializes, among other things, in the transport of black and brown coal, energy gypsum, fly ash, energy by-products, etc. It provides complex customer services, including transport optimization, delivery of suitable type of carriages for special transports, route planning, securing of the last mile, handling of relevant documents, etc.

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EP Cargo Invest

manages and arranges for all the railway hardware needed by the companies of EPH group for their freight activities. The company handles investments in locomotives and wagons for the group companies´ long-term projects and also offers railway carriages for short-term rent to third parties. At the same time, the company carries out maintenance and repair work of wagons used for the group companies´ projects and provides guidance in the respective area.

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EP Cargo Polska

deals with rail transport, rail forwarding and freight forwarding from ports at national and international level. It provides loading in the ports of Gdańsk, Gdynia, Szczecin, Swinoujscie, and also loading in national ports on the eastern border. It specializes in the transport of brown and black coal, limestone and energy by-products and offers complex transportation services for power plants and industrial plants in the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. For customers, EPCP implements railway transport optimization projects, individual siding management and operation, special transportation of technical equipment, optimization of own siding operation, etc.

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Loko Train

is a company providing training in the rail industry. It provides service work and education for carriers, railway operators and companies engaged in the repair, maintenance and modernization of railway infrastructure and other services related to railway issues. Within its own LokoPool, it offers locomotive rentals in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria and Hungary. Within its own PersPool, it offers a possibility of renting a train drivers, carriage and wagon examiners and shunting masters in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. The company also offers counselling and consultations in railway transport, organizes trainings, seminars and conferences focused on the railway segment and provides proper training and courses for locomotive drivers and other necessary trainings about railway traffic and transport.

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