• Key Performance Indicators 2019
    Assets: EUR 16.7 bn
    Revenues: EUR 8.6 bn
    Adj. EBITDA: EUR 2.1 bn



Energetický a průmyslový holding (EPH) is a leading Central European energy group that owns and operates assets in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Germany, Italy, Ireland, the UK, France, Hungary, Poland and Switzerland. EPH is a vertically integrated energy utility covering the complete value chain ranging from highly efficient cogeneration, power and heat generation, natural gas transmission, gas storage, as well as gas, heat and electricity distribution and supply. The scope includes also trading and logistics platforms, gas infrastructure management, and real estate development.

The companies in the group
employ around 25,000 people. 

EPH seeks to achieve excellence in all aspects of its operations. EPH is the largest supplier of heat in the Czech Republic, the biggest electricity producer and the second biggest electricity distributor and supplier in Slovakia and ranks as the second biggest lignite producer in Germany. It is also an operator of the most robust transmission network in Europe, a key transporter of Russian natural gas to Europe and the biggest gas distributor in Slovakia. 

EPH comprises of over 70 companies structured in four pillars EP Infrastructure, EP Power Europe, EP Logistics International and EP Real Estate.

EP Infrastructure (EPIF) is an energy infrastructure utility focused on gas transmission, gas and power distribution, heat and power generation and gas storage. With principal operations in the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic and Germany, EP Infrastructure is a unique entity with a large and diverse infrastructure asset base.

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EP Power Europe (EPPE) is focused on the development of a coherent power generation portfolio in Europe. Currently, our main activities are concentrated in Italy (thermal power generation assets, biomass power plants), Slovakia (power generation from various sources within the company Slovenské elektrárne), Germany (lignite mining and power generation), the UK (CCGT power stations Langage and South Humber Bank, biomass conversion project Lynemouth, thermal power plants and one operational energy storage facility in Northern Ireland), Ireland (CCGT plant) and France (production of electricity from conventional and renewable sources and sale business).

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EP Logistics International (EPLI) was created based on EPH’s subsidiaries, which deal with logistics specializing in business partners´ transport needs. The range of activities include not only rail freight, freight forwarding, rental of railway rolling stock and intermodal operations, but also staffing and training of employees for railway work. It offers premium services and complex logistics solutions.





In 2009, J&T Group and PPF Group founded EPH. Independent platform for strategic investments in the energy and ancillary industries. 

EPH’s management team began to take shape in 2001 within the corporate investment branch of J&T Group, headed by Daniel Křetínský. EPH’s team quickly developed into a strategic investor focused on corporate investments in the energy industry. 

EPH established a solid track record, growing through acquisitions and organic projects, before reorganising the business in 2016 and establishing the first two pillars (EPIF and EPPE) later accompanied by two more pillars (EPLI and EPRE) that make up the group today.

Company Structure

EPH is built on four pillars, EP Infrastructure, EP Power Europe and EP Logistics International covering the areas of infrastructure, power generation & mining, logistics & coal trading and renewables. These areas include businesses in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, the UK, Ireland, Hungary, France, Poland and Switzerland. EP Real Estate provides real estate projects throughout the entire EPH group.

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A Prague based European energy group.
Covering the complete value chain in energy sector. 






An important regional infrastructure player with EBITDA of over EUR 1.9 bn.  





All infrastructure assets are grouped under EPIF, while EPPE offers a platform for attractive growth opportunities.