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EP Coal Trading

EP Coal Trading a.s. provides exclusive sale of the Polish sorted and energy coal from the underground mine PG Silesia. The company also sales the Czech sorted and energy coal, brown coal briquettes, and pulverized brown coal dusts, which are produced with the aim of increasing the useful properties of brown or hard varieties of coal. The company also provides sales of brown lignite from the German MIBRAG mines in Central Europe and in collaboration with a leading producer of Kemerovo region provides distribution and sale of Russian sorted and energy coal in the Central, Eastern and Western Europe.

Provides sales of more than 3.5 mil. tons of black coal energy (including about 1.5 mil. tons for the power plant of Fiume Santo, Sardinia) and more than 600 thousand tons of other materials (secondary energy products, lime and limestone sorbents)

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EP Sourcing

Annually supplies more than 3 mil. tons of energy brown coal to the company United Energy a.s., Plzeňská energetika a.s., Elektrárna Opatovice a.s., amount and quality needed to operate the heat sources.

The company also provides additives for flue gas desulfurization for listed companies and provide transportation in required deadline depending on the needs of individual companies.





EOP & HOKA is a major shipper of building materials and dry bulk cargo within the Czech Republic and to other countries. Every year it handles more than 1.7 million tonnes of dry bulk cargo (energy by-products, sorbent, cement and other building materials). In addition to shipping services it also provides advice on the properties and use of energy by-products (clinker, ash, FGD gypsum, stabilised by-products).

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EP Cargo

The company EP Cargo was licensed as a railway operator in 2010 and carrier certification of the safety of Part A and B, it was granted the same year. The aim of the EP Cargo is offering customers and prospects cooperation in implementing transportation needs among forwarding agents, carriers, manufacturing companies and others.

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LokoTrain Company was based on market demand for high quality, fast and affordable education in a very specific area – in the railway sector. Safety on the state, regional, siding and special path must be on a high professional level. The company’s goal is a professional education with use of highly sophisticated teaching aids, which are eg. a locomotive simulators for teaching new drivers.

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