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Weisswasser water treatment plant

ID: / 32000

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Construction of a water treatment plant south of the city of Weisswasser

The project comprises the construction of a new treatment plant for sump water with a flow rate of up to 40 m³/min from the Nochten open-cast mine. The basic process technology includes deferrization and sedimentation in order to be subsequently used as additional water to support water-dependent parts of the landscape. Construction includes the construction of buildings, basins, canals, shafts, machine technology, EMSR, underground pipelines, cable routing and asphalt roads.
The process engineering stages of the two-stage, fully automated plant include deacidification, aeration, flocculation, sedimentation, and pH adjustment.


- 3 underground raw water pipes PE-HD DN600 to DN900,
- pig trap,
- coarse trap,
- 6-stage cascade aeration,
- Chemical cleaning with four-stage aeration tanks with 12 spiral aerators with dry lime
- Flocculation tank with flocculant dosing,
- 3 round settling tanks with scraper,
- 2 pure water tanks,
- Underground pipelines for pure water PE-HD 1 x DN 700, 1x DN 90,
- Buried sludge pipes PE da 125,
- Drinking water da 110,
- 4 lime silos 100 m³,
- mixing plant,
- acidification plant,
- process water production,
- Noise protection measures,
- Site design with landscaping of open spaces,
- nature compensation measures,
- Initial equipment for complete operation,
- Excavation pit partially filled,
- Excavated earth structures approx. 70,000 m³ with interim storage outside the construction
site and partial disposal,
- Floor slab 4,000 m²,
- Foundation depths 5 to 7.5 m,
- 30,500 m³ enclosed space basin,
- 7,000 m³ enclosed space Operations building, sludge treatment and pure water pumping
- Operations building with the following functions: Server rooms, air-conditioning
technology, heating technology, toilet facilities, recreation rooms, control center,
- Pipes in the building PE up to DN 900, stainless steel up to DN 800;
- Steel construction for operating platforms, landings, stairs, covers, crane system,
- Underground cables 30 kV,
- Fiber optic and communication technology,
- Lightning protection and earthing system,
- 2 transformers,
- 2 medium-voltage switchgears,
- 400 V low-voltage switchgear,
- Control via PLC (SIEMENS S1500),
- control system,
- Data transmission to higher-level systems,
- Profinet,
- connection to inventory.

In preparation for the very tight construction period of approx. 12 months, the construction site is cleared by the client. Temporary areas are available for construction in the immediate vicinity of the plant. The schedule must be adhered to, so that the parallel construction of the main components of the water treatment plant must be planned. Construction will be carried out according to implementation planning.

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Jméno: Christian Graetz
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