Energetický a průmyslový holding launches extraction from the Silesia mine in Poland

9. 5. 2012

ENERGETICKÝ A PRŮMYSLOVÝ HOLDING (EPH) has launched hard coal extraction from the first longwall in the Silesia mine in Poland. This took place on the basis of a mining licence on 19 April, i.e., exactly 16 months from the takeover of the Silesia colliery from Kompania Węglowa. At the beginning of this week, on 7 May, a coal preparation plant was also put into operation; this plant will make it possible to supply sized coal both to the energy sector and to retail customers. To date, EPH’s investment in the Silesia colliery has exceeded EUR 108 million. Annual production at Silesia is planned to total approximately 3 million tonnes of hard coal.

“Investments made to date have brought to Silesia the best available extraction technologies, thanks to which we are able to run efficient mining and ensure the highest possible safety standards in the colliery,” said Tomáš David, director of the POWER AND HEAT division at EPH. Additional investment in the second longwall is also being prepared. “We have started a transformation of the colliery into a profitable company that will provide a long-term and promising future for more than 1,500 employees in Poland. I am confident that in the Polish energy sector, we will be one of the leaders in the efficiency and safety of the operation of an extraction company,” said Mr David.
The Silesia colliery, operated by PG SILESIA form the EPH Group, is located some 30 km from the national border with the Czech Republic and its geological reserves exceed 500 million tonnes of low-sulphur hard coal.
EPH is a vertically integrated energy utility covering the whole energy chain from coal extraction, combined heat and power generation, energy distribution, coal sales and electricity wholesaling, to electricity and gas supply to end customers.
Through MIBRAG, EPH holds the position as the third largest coal mining company in Germany and is currently the only foreign company to produce coal in Poland.
In the Czech Republic, EPH is the largest supplier of heat and the second most important electricity producer.