Patrik Tkáč to return as co-shareholder in EPH

18. 12. 2020

On December 17, a series of transactions was settled, changing the shareholding structure of Energetický a průmyslový holding, a.s. (EPH). The Group informed on the planned reorganization earlier (

EPH’s shareholding structure is now as follows:

Daniel Křetínský and a group of managers hold 56% plus one share in EPH. Daniel Křetínský indirectly holds 50% plus one share (exercising the management control), with selected managers controlling 6% of EPH share capital.

Patrik Tkáč controls 44% minus one share in EPH.

Thereby, all remaining liabilities of Daniel Křetínský´s companies arising from the original acquisition of Patrik Tkáč´s share in EPH have been settled.

The transaction is not subject to any other regulatory approvals.