EP New Energies Receives Approval for Germany’s Leading 100 MW Onshore Wind Project

22. 8. 2023

EP New Energies GmbH (EPNE), the EPH Group owned renewables developer and a pioneering innovator of green assets, announces the successful approval of its groundbreaking wind farm project in the Lusatian lignite mining region. Working collaboratively with LEAG, EP New Energies have obtained the building permit for the construction of 17 wind turbines, with a remarkable combined capacity of approximately 100 MW. This significant milestone further solidifies position of EPNE as a leader in renewable energy development.

Titled “Forst-Briesnig II,” this visionary wind farm project will be developed and built by EPNE on behalf of LEAG, who owns the land on which the project will be constructed. Situated in the Lausitz region near the town of Forst (federal state of Brandenburg), the wind farm will be erected on a recultivation area of the Jänschwalde opencast mine, demonstrating commitment to repurposing industrial land for sustainable energy generation.

Dominique Guillou, Managing Director of EPNE, states: “We are proud to be taking significant strides in the energy transition. The Forst-Briesnig II wind farm not only represents one of the largest approvals ever granted for an onshore wind farm in Germany but together with the adjacent Bohrau energy park, which is in the advanced development plan process, there will be more than 500 MW of renewable capacity to be added to the renewable energy portfolio. With these and other projects in our pipeline we are making tremendous progress towards our goal of transforming the region into a hub of clean energy production. We eagerly anticipate commencing ground preparations for construction in the upcoming months.”

EPH recognizes the transformative potential of the Forst-Briesnig II wind farm project. It will not only generate renewable energy but also attract investors and foster economic growth in the region. Scheduled for commissioning in 2025, the wind farm will produce 270,000 MWh of clean electricity annually, meeting the needs of 77,000 households and significantly reducing carbon emissions. EPH remains committed to driving the transition to a greener future through innovative renewable energy assets like Forst-Briesnig II.


About EPH: EPH (Energetický a průmyslový holding, a.s.) is an energy utility company from the Czech Republic, consisting of two key pillars: EP Infrastructure and EP Power Europe. The EPH group has been gradually growing with new acquisitions and is now one of the 10 largest European energy companies by installed capacity. Within its balanced portfolio of natural gas, hydro, nuclear, coal, solar, wind and biomass power plants, the EPH group controls a total installed capacity of 14 GWe. The group operates in nine European markets – Germany, Slovakia, Italy, Switzerland, the UK, the Republic of Ireland, the Czech Republic, France, and the Netherlands.