EPH establishes and energy sub-group, EP Energy

5. 1. 2011

ENERGETICKÝ A PRŮMYSLOVÝ HOLDING (EPH) has established, as its subsidiary company, a new energy sub-group called EP ENERGY, which will concentrate only energy assets. 

The motivation for creating an independent energy sub-group, EP ENERGY, was to simplify and clarify the structure of EPH. “The purpose of taking this step is to separate, also formally, our primary strategic line, i.e., energy, from the other activities in industry. Being a classic energy company, EP ENERGY will also meet all the conditions for issuing attractive international bonds,” said Daniel Křetínský, EPH Chairman. 

The following companies are currently included in the EP ENERGY sub-group: UNITED ENERGY, PLZEŇSKÁ ENERGETIKA, UNITED ENERGY TRADING (UET), První energetická, a.s. (PEAS), ENERGZET, AISE, Czech Wind Holding, VTE Pchery, VTE Pastviny, Powersun, Triskata, Alternative Energy, Arisun, and Greeninvest Energy, and also an equity interest of 49% in Pražská teplárenská holding (PTH), which participates in control over Pražská teplárenská. 

ELEKTRÁRNY OPATOVICE and a 50% interest in MIBRAG, a brown coal mining company, will also become a part of EP ENERGY. These two assets will be transferred to EPH in the nearest future, because at the end of last year both transactions obtained the required permission from anti-monopoly authorities (ÚOHS [Office for the Protection of Competition, Czech Republic] and PMÚ [Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic], and also DG COMP, the European Commission’s antitrust authority).