EPH subsidiary EP Produzione successfully starts up new 800 MW combined cycle unit at Tavazzano e Montanaso plant

23. 4. 2024

The Tavazzano e Montanaso project in province of Lodi, Italia has achieved a significant milestone. The first parallel connection of the new 800 MW combined cycle unit to the national grid has been successfully completed. This critical step paves the way for full commissioning and operation, enabling the plant to deliver clean energy sufficient for over 1.5 million households annually. This step endorses EPH’s long-term strategy of European energy transformation and transition to sustainable energy. 

The new unit utilizes Ansaldo Energia’s cutting-edge GT36 gas turbine, known for its efficiency and environmental friendliness. Notably, it’s designed to handle up to 70% hydrogen blends, accelerating and supporting Italy’s transition to renewable energy sources. 

EPH, through its subsidiary EP Produzione, is taking a significant stride towards Italy’s clean energy future with the upgraded Tavazzano e Montanaso plant. The new, highly flexible, and low-emission unit will act as a reliable partner for the national grid, balancing the fluctuations inherent in renewable sources.