EPH’s real estate division has been separated from the Group and now forms part of the parent EP Corporate Group

10. 1. 2023

EP Real Estate (EPRE), which manages the real estate assets of Energetický a průmyslový holding, a.s. (EPH), is now part of the parent EP Corporate Group, which now holds 56% of EPRE, as of 1 January 2023. The remaining 44% is controlled by J&T CAPITAL PARTNERS. It is therefore the same ownership structure as, for example, EPH (energy) or EC Investments (e-commerce and retail).

“Within the EPH Group, EP Real Estate was initially dedicated to the role of non-core real estate asset manager. This role has gradually evolved into the preparation of transformational projects that explore the potential of areas whose energy-industrial use has been exhausted. Both from the portfolio initially entrusted by EPH and newly identified and acquired territories,” says Jiří Nováček, CEO and Vice-Chairman of the Board of EPRE. “This has led to the emancipation of EP Real Estate’s activities, which completes the process of formally moving from a subsidiary position to a sister position,” Jiří Nováček added.

EP Corporate Group also includes a 50% stake in Czech Media Invest (CMI), a company focused on the acquisition and management of media assets in the Central and Western Europe region, and a 50% stake in SUPRATUC 2020, a joint venture with leading Spanish retail group Eroski. EP Corporate Group has established a foundation that distributes at least CZK 250 million annually to charitable projects, particularly to help families who have lost one or both parents and the elderly living alone. Currently, it also helps Ukrainian refugees.

89.3% of EP Corporate Group is owned by Daniel Křetínský, the remaining 10.7% by a group of EPH managers.