EPH strengthens its energy portfolio in the Netherlands with acquisition of MaasStroom Power Plant and 50% stake in Enecogen

23. 5. 2023

EPH is pleased to announce the recent advancements of its Dutch subsidiary, EP Netherlands (EP NL), in reinforcing its energy portfolio. EP NL has successfully concluded an agreement with Castleton Commodities International LLC (CCI) on 23 May 2023, securing the acquisition of two gas-fired power plants.

EP NL has acquired full ownership of MaasStroom, a gas-fired power plant located in Rotterdam (Pernis) with an installed capacity of 426 MW. Additionally, EP NL has acquired a 50% stake in Enecogen, a gas-fired power plant situated in Rotterdam (Europoort) with an installed capacity of 910 MW. The remaining 50% stake in Enecogen will continue to be held by the Dutch energy company, Eneco N.V.

Earlier this year, EP NL expanded its presence in the Dutch energy market by acquiring the Sloe power plant (870 MW), Rijnmond Power Plant (810 MW), as well as PZEM Energy Company B.V. and PZEM Pipe. These strategic acquisitions have enabled EP NL to establish a portfolio comprising four highly efficient gas-fired power plants. With a cumulative capacity of 2.6 GW, EP NL now ranks as the third largest operator of power plants in the Netherlands.

Peter Černák, a member of the Board of Directors of EP Power Europe, commented on these achievements, stating, “Through the acquisition of these four gas-fired power plants, along with our thriving trading and supply business and the support of our capable local team, we have laid a solid foundation for our long-term presence in the Netherlands.”

Niels Unger, CEO of EP NL, stated: “We are pleased to continue our growth in the Dutch energy market, particularly in flexible generation capacity. As the supply of electricity from renewable energy sources continues to increase, our low-emission, modern gas-fired power plants play a crucial role in providing flexible power to the energy system. EP NL remains dedicated to the energy transition goals and aims to further enhance the efficiency of our current assets.”