The Leipheim gas-fired power plant has been connected to the transmission grid

29. 3. 2023

The Leipheim power plant, located near Ulm between Munich and Stuttgart, has reached a major milestone by being connected to the grid for the first time – following the successful ignition of a gas turbine. The project is managed by company LEAG, which is owned by Energetický a průmyslový holding (“EPH”), through its subsidiary EP Power Europe, and PPF Investments. The Leipheim power plant with installed capacity of 300 MW will serve as a special technical facility to ensure grid stability in emergency situations. The grid operator is Amprion, which has tendered for the construction of the power plants in the past. The plant is designed to be able to switch from burning natural gas to hydrogen in the future. LEAG will invest a total of app. EUR 280 million in this project.

“LEAG is thus confirming in practice that its strategy of transitioning from coal-fired power based on lignite extraction and combustion to fully carbon-free or low-emission sources is realistic, and the company is able to progressively meet its ambitious targets. LEAG is thus fulfilling its long-term strategic goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining high flexibility of its resources and stability of electricity supply. In parallel, LEAG is planning and preparing for the massive construction of wind and solar farms in places where coal mining is currently taking place,” says Jan Špringl, Chief Executive Officer of EP Power Europe.

The power plant is scheduled to be completed by the summer of 2023 at the latest. The plant will only generate electricity at Amprion’s request, and in particular in situations where renewable sources are unable to meet electricity demand. The Leipheim power plant will thus make a significant contribution to energy security in southern Germany.


About EPH: Energetický a průmyslový holding (EPH) is a leading Central European energy group that owns and operates facilities in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. EPH is a vertically integrated energy utility covering the complete value chain: from lignite mining to power and heat generation to electricity and heat distribution. This includes supply and trading platforms on the one hand and gas infrastructure management on the other. Through its subsidiary EP Power Europe, EPH holds a 50% stake in LEAG.