15. 12. 2017

EPH (Energetický a průmyslový holding, a.s.) completed today the acquisition of the biomass power plants owned by Biomasse Italia and Biomasse Crotone (for a total capacity of 73 MW) from Bioenergie (50%) and Api Nòva Energia (50%), becoming the most important group in Italy in the renewable energy production from solid biomasses. A preliminary agreement was signed on October 20th.

The transaction is part of the development plan of the  Group to expand into the European renewables business. The total EBITDA of both companies is about € 50 million, with an induced workforce of about 950 jobs, direct and indirect.

The transaction is part of the Czech Group’s strategy to develop the business of renewable energy in Europe. This is the second investment in biomass energy after the conversion project of the 400 MW carbon power plant of Lynemouth, as part of the coal “phase out” program promoted in the United Kingdom. Once completed, this will become one of the biggest biomass plant globally.

The acquired companies operate in the energy valorization of the Italian wooden biomass. Italy represents an excellence in this industry at European level. This, through the sustainable and efficient maintenance activities of the wood forests, also generates important environmental benefits, like the prevention of fires and the reduction of hydrogeological risks. Thanks to the removal of wooden materials from the river banks, the likelihood of disasters in case of floods is reduced.

We are proud of this acquisition, which confirms the international vocation of the Group to sustain the ongoing energy transition, increasing the share of sustainable energy production”, said Marco Arcelli, EPH Business Development Directors. “The use of biomass in the power production allows the plants to be programmable, differently from other renewable sources, and guarantees the safety of the power system, while securing important employment levels. Moreover, biomass could be the best tool to meet the goal of coal phase-out foreseen by the new National Energy Strategy, as proven in the UK and in Denmark”, ended Arcelli.

With Biomasse Italia and Biomasse Crotone, the EPH Group integrates in its workforce 67 direct employees. The expected EBITDA of the two companies in 2017 amounts to €50 million, with an induced workforce of 950 direct and indirect jobs. Through this operation, EPH confirms its interest in new investment in the Italian energy sector, by strengthening the current presence of EP Produzione, the Italian generation company that manages in the Country an overall capacity of 4.3 GW through 6 thermoelectric plants.