EPH to close power stations in Mehrum and Deuben after winning bids in the second German coal exit auction

1. 4. 2021

During the second German auction to decommission coal-fired power plants, Energetický a průmyslový holding, a.s. (EPH), through its wholly owned subsidiary EP Power Europe, has been allocated compensation for both the hard coal fired power plant Mehrum with net capacity of 690 MW and its lignite fired industrial power plant Deuben with net capacity of 67 MW megawatts operated by MIBRAG. This has been announced by the German Federal Network Agency today. EPH will no longer be entitled to market the electricity generated in these plants after December 8, 2021. Subject to review by the transmission system operators and German Federal Network Agency, the Mehrum and Deuben power plants will be decommissioned.

This step will reduce the CO2 production by the power plant portfolio of EPH by approximately 2.5 million tons annually, on the basis of average production in years 2017-2019, which was used as a basis for awarding the bids.

Development plans for the subsequent use of these sites are being further developed with regional stakeholders.