EPH Group Sustainability Report 2019

3. 12. 2020

Today we are publishing the 5th sustainability report of EPH, which clearly confirms our continuous focus on environmental, social and health and safety aspects of our operations. Along with our release of the 2019 Sustainability report, we are publishing a presentation on our historical and future decarbonization efforts. We are pleased to present that the emission intensity decreased by 12% in 2019 and by 41% compared to 2015 and that initiatives realized by EPH in 2014-2018 reduced CO2 emissions by approx. 18 million tonnes per year. We continue striving to seek real solutions – not merely offloading but truly decommissioning the most carbon-intensive sources while investing and actively converting our plants to low-carbon or fully renewable sources. In the area of health and safety, we have been continuously identifying new ways to achieve better results through integration of health and safety principles into remuneration system, focus on behavior-based safety and periodical trainings. In 2019, we were pleased to see a 10% reduction in injury frequency rate per number of hours worked. EPH also continued in its active participation in social aspects through EPH Foundation which supported 775 projects in 2019 with overall funds exceeding EUR 1.6 million.

As a major European energy player, we acknowledge our role in the energy transition and support the process by already realized as well as planned decommissioning and conversion projects. Our key achievements include:

  • a decrease in emission intensity by 47% compared to 2014,
  • a decrease in share of coal generation in our portfolio from approx. 77% in 2014 to 21% in 2019 approx. ¼ of which are CHP plants operated in highly efficient cogeneration mode,
  • over EUR 1 billion invested in renewable or low emission power generation over the last 5 years,
  • and 12% share on the total emissions reductions from heat and power generation sector in the EU in period 2014 to 2019.

Our goals comprise of:

  • decommissioning of approximately 50% of our coal powerplants by 2022 and 100% of hard coal powerplants by 2025,
  • saving approx. 40 million tonnes CO2 per year by 2035 compared to 2014,
  • continuing efforts to minimize our environmental footprint without endangering the ability to provide reliable and stable power supply and grid stability and being fully mindful of social aspects of our steps and decisions.

Sustainability report is available here.
Presentation is available here.