EP Industries to be demerged from EPH

25. 7. 2011

ENERGETICKÝ A PRŮMYSLOVÝ HOLDING (EPH) is preparing the demerger of a company called EP INDUSTRIES. EP INDUSTRIES is being established on the basis of an EPH shareholders’ agreement, who have decided that investments in industrial assets other than energy assets will be spun off from EPH. The EPH shareholding structure, which will continue to include energy operations, will remain the same as it has been until now. The EP INDUSTRIES shareholding structure, which will include the other industrial assets and operations, will be different: 60 % of the shares will be held jointly by J&T private equity structures and funds, while a 40% stake will be owned by Daniel Křetínský.

The reason for the above spinoff is to continue the process of simplifying and clarifying the EPH structure. “This step will complete the process of separating EPH’s key strategic line, which is investment in energy assets in the central European region, from investments in other industries, which will be concentrated under the umbrella of EP INDUSTRIES going forward,” said Daniel Křetínský, EPH Chairman.
EP INDUSTRIES will include the following companies: MSEM, SOR, EGEM, VČE-montáže, SEG, PROFI-ELRO, ELEKTRIZACE ŽELEZNIC, SERW, První brněnská strojírna and also, in the future, SES Tlmače.
EPH also includes the EP ENERGY subgroup. It was formed at the beginning of this year as a conventional energy company having the nature of an integrated utility, which will also be ready for issuing international bonds.
At present, EP ENERGY includes the following companies: ELEKTRÁRNY OPATOVICE, UNITED ENERGY, PLZEŇSKÁ ENERGETIKA, PRAŽSKÁ TEPLÁRENSKÁ (a 73% stake), the coal extraction company MIBRAG (a 50% stake) in Germany, UNITED ENERGY TRADING (UET), První energetická, a.s. (PEAS), ENERGZET, AISE, Czech Wind Holding, VTE Pchery, VTE Pastviny, Powersun, Triskata, Alternative Energy, Arisun, and Greeninvest Energy.
EPH also includes the hard coal mining company PG SILESIA in Poland.