EP Logistics International closing strategic partnership agreement with Slovenian SŽ d.o.o.

17. 1. 2022

With this the joint venture in the business of logistics and freight transport in the region came to life in practice. SŽ d.o.o. contributed SŽ-TP d.o.o. and Fersped d.o.o. to the partner company, and EPLI contributed the agreed amount of money. This will be used for the necessary investments and expansion in the region.

Both partners have high expectations from the joint venture company SŽ EP Logistika d.o.o. It will become one of the key carriers of freight transport and logistics in the region, which includes the territories of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary and Italy. The bodies of the joint venture, as well as the bodies of SŽ-TP and Fersped were strengthened with top international experts in this field. From the very beginning, the new partnership will start a new chapter in the international development of freight transport and logistics of the SŽ and EPLI groups, strengthened not only in terms of capital but also in terms of human resources.