EP Ukraine – PSA Grunivska & Okhtyrska – tender results

30. 4. 2020

We are happy to inform that on April 29th, 2020 Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved winners of Grunivska, Okhtyrska and Ichnianska PSAs according to the results and recommendation of the State Interagency Commission announced on April 2nd 2020. According to the results – EP Ukraine (90% subsidiary of Czech EPH and 10% subsidiary of Slovak NAFTA) won Grunivska and Okhtyrska PSAs. The winners were selected according to evaluation procedure developed by market experts, international advisory companies and energy organizations.

EP Ukraine represents dynamic leaders in Central Europe Energy sector. EPH as major shareholder now actively operating in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Hungary and Switzerland is covering whole spectrum of energy production and distribution. Meanwhile NAFTA a.s. as Central European leader in Oil&Gas production and storage operations with over 105 years of experience is ready to secure active development of individual hydrocarbon licenses.

Development of Grunivska field (Sumska and Poltavska region, total area – 1082,95 km²) and Okhtyrska field (Sumska, Poltavska and Kharkivska region, total area – 672 km²) represents extensive investment program including in the first stage realization of seismic measurements and drilling significant number of exploration wells with active usage of domestic services, materials and expert skills. We will welcome possibility to use our financial and technological strength in the dynamic development of Ukrainian energy sector.