J&T and EPH purchased medical supplies worth 215 million CZK to donate them

18. 3. 2020

J&T and Energetický a průmyslový holding, a.s. (EPH) will donate personal protective equipment and medical goods worth approximately 215 million CZK (8 million Euro) in order to fight coronavirus in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Half of the aid is intended for the Czech Republic, the other half for Slovakia. J&T will distribuce the goods through its own foundation Nadace J&T, as well as through foundations Nadácie Poštovej banky and Nadácie JOJ. In Slovakia, EPH will liase with Nadácia EPH, while in the Czech Republic the donation will go directly to municipalities, which the company distributes heat to. These include especially Prague, Hradec Králové, Pardubice, Chrudim, Most and Litvínov.

„We are closely monitoring the government´s efforts in both countries to arrange for a sufficient amount of the most needed supplies to fight against coronavirus. We are aware of the complexity of the current situation as well as the fact that no way today is certain. Therefore, we took advantage of our contacts in China and through our partners attempted to secure at least the most important goods for both countries. I am pleased I can say today, that orders, which we paid first 4 million Euro for, have been already confirmed and settled, and we are currently seeking ways to get the goods here. The matter of transport appears to be one of the major issues, and it cannot be ruled out that we might be forced to request assistance of both governments in the process of obtaining the necessary authorisations,“ explains Patrik Tkáč, one of the J&T founders.

In my opinion, the aid today is not primarily a financial matter, yet it is a question of how to ensure needed goods. I would like to thank Patrik Tkáč for contracting the supplies and giving us an opportunity to join the project financially. If we manage to deliver the purchased supplies from China, which we strongly believe in, we will provide a share of the allocation intended for the Czech Republic primarily to municipalities which we distribute heat to, assuming that especially respirators will be used to cover the needs of healthcare facilities. We will contact representatives of the respective municipalities as soon as the supplies are delivered to the Czech Republic,“ says Daniel Křetínský, major shareholder of EPH.

We will gradually inform you about the specific quantities and types of ordered medical aid and initiate a process of its distribution through foundations and crisis teams of both countries. The orders focus on surgical masks, N95 and FFP3 respirators, protective gloves, suits and glasses as well as test kits.

Both J&T and EPH owners are ready to direct the remaining part of the allocated amount into areas and forms of help which the crisis teams of both countries will prioritize. While today these are primarily protective equipment, in a few days there may be missing hospital beds or life-saving medical equipment. The owners of both groups therefore clearly declare their readiness to help where both countries need it most.