EPH’s precautions during the coronavirus pandemic

7. 4. 2020

Since coronavirus outbreak, Energeticky a prumyslovy holding and its subsidiaries (“EPH Group”) have been fully aligned with the provisions endorsed by the authorities to combat the virus emergency. On every critical infrastructure and power generation asset a special team has been set up to manage the situation, being constantly in contact with the relevant authorities and public officials.

The EPH Group has two central objectives: guaranteeing the health and safety of its employees, which remains the EPH Group’s top priority, and safeguarding the continuity of the essential energy security service in the countries where the EPH Group operates.

As the situation required immediate reaction in each country in which EPH Group operates, it has been and is continuously deploying smart and distant working as a precaution, thus limiting the risks of direct contact in the offices and also allowing parents to be with children in light of the schools’ closure. For those not physically being in the offices, the work has not halted as widely utilize and support video-calls and and virtual working sessions. 

In major operations, the EPH Group has secured, with adequate precautionary measures and remote management systems, the control rooms, plants and local offices to guarantee normal operations and energy security for the regions where it operates. Physical presence onsite is limited to the bare minimum while applying social distancing measures and separation of the critical shift teams such as control rooms staff. Also, plants’ management continues to identify non-delayable works and to define further precautionary measures in the areas subject to the authorities’ provisions.

Furthermore, EPH Group has been securing constant internal communication from the first day of the emergency, in order to share with its employees the health and behavioral rules established by the authorities.

Despite potential temporary short-term operational limitations, EPH Group believes its medium- to long-term market position stays  resilient, primarily as i) group operates the critical infrastructure in gas and power distribution, gas transportation and storage and power generation, and ii)  major part of by it operated assets are regulated and/or long-term contracted with high quality counterparties. At the same time EPH Group maintains robust counterparty and liquidity risk management system which underpin EPH Group’s financial stability.


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About EPH

Energetický a průmyslový holding (EPH) is a leading Central European energy group that owns and operates assets in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Germany, Italy, Ireland, the UK, France, Hungary and Poland. EPH is a vertically integrated energy utility covering the complete value chain ranging from highly efficient cogeneration, power and heat generation, natural gas transmission, gas storage, as well as gas, heat and electricity distribution and supply. Measured by revenues and EBITDA, the EPH Group believes it is among the three largest industrial groups based in the Czech Republic.