The EP Industries group finalises its shareholding structure

14. 2. 2012

EP INDUSTRIES, an industrial group, has finalised its ownership structure. With an equity interest of 60%, Daniel Křetínský becomes the majority shareholder, while 40% of the shares will be jointly held by J&T private equity structures and funds. The finalisation of the relevant transaction is still subject to approval by competition authorities.


EP INDUSTRIES was established last year and its original name was EP INDUSTRY. EP INDUSTRIES was created upon agreement of the shareholders in the ENERGETICKÝ A PRŮMYSLOVÝ HOLDING (EPH) Group to separate investments in other industrial assets from energy investments. Thus, all industrial companies were demerged from EPH and included in the EP INDUSTRIES group, which will continue to focus on investments in industrial assets and activities outside the energy sector going forward. On the other hand, the power engineering industry and services are to be a major pillar of EP INDUSTRIES’ business.

The shareholding structure of EP INDUSTRIES (Daniel Křetínský: 60%, J&T: 40%) therefore differs from that of EPH (PPF: 40%, J&T: 40%, Daniel Křetínský: 20%).

The EP INDUSTRIES Board of Directors includes Daniel Křetínský (Chairman), Marek Spurný and, most recently, Jiří Nováček who will be responsible for the executive management of this group.

EP INDUSTRIES includes the following companies: SOR, EGEM, ELEKTRIZACE ŽELEZNIC, MSEM, VČE-montáže, SEG, PROFI-ELRO, SERW and První brněnská strojírna. EP INDUSTRIES is currently negotiating the acquisition of a part of SES Tlmače. The EP INDUSTRIES currently has a total of about 3,000 employees.