EPH results for 2016

31. 8. 2017

EPH managed to increase its economic performance once again in 2016. Consolidated EPH revenues reached EUR 4.93 billion last year (compared with 4.57 billion in 2015), Adjusted EBITDA* totaled EUR 1.73 billion (compared to a comparable figure of EUR 1.64 billion in 2015). The total consolidated net debt ratio was 2.5 times EBITDA, which is a very conservative value due to the Group’s asset structure, and thus EPH is among the least indebted energy groups in Europe.

These results do not include assets that are under joint control, which, according to international accounting standards should not be reflected in these consolidated figures (these include our 50% shareholding in LEAG Holding and our 50% holding in Slovak Power Holding, which controls the Slovenské elektrárne).

In terms of operational indicators, in 2016, companies under EPH transported more than 60 BCM and distributed almost 5 BCM of natural gas, distributed almost 6 TWh of electricity, delivered over 23 PJ of heat, and used almost all or their natural gas storage capacity of 41 TWh. Companies under management of EPH have produced 101 TWh of electricity last year, making EPH ranked as the seventh largest European electricity producer.

* The Adjusted EBITDA indicator represents the operating profit before depreciation and negative goodwill further adjusted for selected effects of predominantly one-off and non-cash nature.


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