J&T and PPF sign an agreement of forming an energy and industrial holding company

16. 2. 2009

Prague/Amsterdam – The J&T and PPF groups announce that they have signed an agreement establishing a joint venture in the energy sector and industry. The energy and industrial holding company will be formed by a combination of J&T Group contributing and selling its energy and industrial assets. PPF Group will hold a 40% stake in the holding company in return for a counter-value of CZK 6 billion. Another 40% will be held by J&T and 20% by Daniel Křetínský, who will be in charge of management in the newly established holding company.

The newly formed energy and industrial holding company will control over 20 companies operating in electricity and heat production, electricity trading, manufacture of boilers and turbines for power generation, electricity installation services and additional related fields. The group also includes a bus manufacturer and food industry companies.

“The holding company formed together with J&T Group and Daniel Křetínský has considerable growth potential. Our investment in this company is one of the ways in which PPF wants to participate in the opportunities offered by the current market situation. At the same time, we are going to be even more active in leveraging our proven know-how in growing the value of assets. Doing so, our range of investments will not be limited to the home markets of the Czech Republic and Slovakia only; on a selective basis, we are also going to look at investment opportunities in other Central and Eastern European countries, Russia and other CIS countries,” commented Jiří Šmejc, a PPF Group shareholder, on the transaction.

“We welcome the capital entry of PPF as the strongest domestic investor; it is a profound reinforcement of the newly formed holding company. In the energy sector and industry, this move will make it possible for us to accelerate our acquisition activities, for which the current economic situation offers attractive conditions,” said Daniel Křetínský, J&T’s partner responsible for corporate investments.